MARCH 2018


16-17/3/2018 - FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS - turns Bratislava into a world full of light art. Your are invited to observe the light installations, take part in the workshops or get engaged in constructive discussions and thus follow the story of light - its essence, principle and use. Significant part of Festival is to remind the history and landmarks of city Bratislava. Light installations will be placed mainly at areas with substantial buildings and landmarks from the ancient history or more recent past.


SNM, MARTIN, Slovakia:

25/3/2018EASTER IN THE HISTORICAL VILLAGE - imagine Easter without television, chocolate bunnies and artificial decorations just as our grandparents knew it. Experience Easter traditions, customs and rituals of our ancestors presented by children’s folk groups in Slovak biggest open air museum organized by Slovak national museum in Martin since 1995. Workshops, demonstration of Easter egg decoration, whip weaving out of weeping willow young shoots, traditional craftsmen market, gingerbreads, honey liquor and other Easter delicacies as well as offer of traditional cuisine in a pub. There will be a Roman-Catholic Mass in the wooden church from 18th century in the afternoon.

KNOWING BRATISLAVA - The capital of Slovak Republic Bratislava, also referred to as the Beauty on the Danube not only boast intresting history but is also the centre of the most dynamically developing region of central Europe at present. Discover the historic centre of the Old Town, the Bratislava castle, Devin castle at the confulence of the rivers Dunaj and Morava, landmarks such as St. Martin Cathedral, Slovak National Theatre. Visit the National Nature Reserve Devínska Kobyla situated in the area Devín, Devínska Nová Ves suburb of capital Bratislava well-known for paleontological location Sandberg with excavations of fossils, prehistoric animals and a home for endangered species of fauna and flora. The last visit will be to EASTER MARKET at the Old Town in Bratislava with traditional Easter products, decorations, souvenirs.

WORLD OF FAIRY TALES AND FILMS IN SLOVAKIA – Explore several movie locations of the most famous movies and TV series filmed in Slovakia. Uncover Slovak’s breathtaking natural beauty and rich historical and cultural heritage. The tour starts at the Bojnický castle, film set of “Fantaghirò” or “The Cave of the Golden Rose”. The Dragonheart was filmed at The Spiš castle as well as at charming scenery of Slovenský Raj National Forest. The Spiš castle hosted a couple more film productions for example “The Last Legion” and “Kull the Conqueror”. People of 20 nations from around the world shot the scenes situated in Mongolia and China at the Sulov Rocks. Historical fantasy film “Kull the Conqueror” (1997) with Kevin Sorbo, well known as Hercules, were filmed at the castle Devin. The Old Town of Bratislava appeared in the movies The Peacemaker, Uprising and Red Sparrow with Jennifer Lawrence.

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