JUNE 2018

There's summer in the air, so let's begin the month of festivals, full of joy, music, happiness and parties. Here's the list of some events you can visit in Slovakia.



23/6/2018OSTROGRÚNSKA SHARP SCYTHE - Championship in cutting grass of the meadows of Ostry Grun traditional way using a scythe. The rural atmosphere, traditional food and music, beauty of Slovak traditional folk costumes and all of this at one pleasant event at Kľakovská dolina (valley). Other attractions include horse riding or ride on a tractor.


MYJAVA, Slovakia:

15-17/6/2018 - INTERNATIONAL FOLK FESTIVAL - 59th anniversary of one of the most important folk festivals in Slovakia. You can see performances of folk musicians and dancers from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgary and other European countries.


22- 24/6/2018 - CORONATION OF LEOPOLD II. - The Coronation festival in Bratislava is one of the biggest cultural events in Slovakia. Bratislava's St. Martin's Cathedral witnessed  coronations of 19 Hungarian kings and queens throughout three centuries. The coronation celebration takes place at historical background with more than 200 actors performing in the period costumes. The king is given the crown jewels, a sceptre and a sword. After the ceremony the sovereign dubs the knights of Golden Spur. The ceremony takes place every year during the last weekend in June.

VÝCHODNÁ, Slovakia:

29/6-2/7/2018 - FOLKLORE FESTIVAL VÝCHODNÁ - the biggest, the most popular and the oldest folklore festival in Slovakia with international participation and presentation of traditional Slovak folk culture. The festival takes place annually during the first weekend in July located in a popular tourist area between the High and Low Tatras in village Východná. Performances by traditional folk groups, music bands, children folk clubs, folk choirs, musicians and dancers. Very important and appreciated by visitors is participation of traditional craftsmen, manufacturers and artists.


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