Along the Slovak Silk Road nowadays

Friday, September 14, 2018 - 12:00
Monday, September 17, 2018 - 18:00
4 days
541€ per person/ minimum 2 persons required
495€ per person/ minimum 6 persons required


The Silk Road was a network of trade routes that linked east to west of the ancient world in commerce initiating important cultural exchanges. Art, religion, philosophy, technology, language, science, architecture and every other element of civilization was exchanged via the Silk Road along with the commercial goods the merchants carried from country to country. While a great variety of merchandise traveled along the Silk Road, the name comes from the popularity of Chinese silk with the west, especially with Rome. The Silk Road routes stretched from China through India, Asia Minor, up throughout Mesopotamia, to Egypt, the African continent, Greece, Rome and Britain. The Slovak Route of the Silk Road with landmarks such as Devin, Čachtice, Červený Kameň, Beckov, Trenčín as well as the beautiful scenery of mountain chains of the Little Carpathians and the White Carpatians.

What You Can Expect: 

The significant ancient and medieval trade route across the Central Asia that linked China with the Roman and Byzantine Empires.

Follow in the footsteps of the ancient merchandisers and discover breathtaking beauty of Slovak nature, maginificient landmarks along with traditional Slovak hospitality. From the 2nd century BC, many Chinese technical inventions such as paper, silk, porcelain reached the Europe via the Silk Road.

In Slovakia the main route of the Silk Road led through the Devin's Gate near Bratislava and Devin Castle, the western slopes of the Little Carpathians (Red Stone, Plavecký Castle, Pajštún, Pezinský castle, Csákhy's mansion) and the White Carpathians via region of Čachtice (Čachtice Castle, Beckovský Castle and Tematín - the highest situated castle in Slovakia), along the river Váh to Trenčín (Trenčín castle). From there the route curled back crossing the Devin´s Gate to Moravia and continued through Poland up to the Baltic sea.

The amber was transported via the Silk Road from the East Baltic sources (Wroclaw and Kalisz had been already mentioned by Ptolemy). The livestock, leather, furs, feathers and slaves were transmitted to the South and glass, silver, brass and other goods to the North. The route and the importance of the Road has been demonstrated by the numerous historical sources and findings of amber. 


  • the historic Old Town of Bratislava, the recent pas
  • historical and natural landmarks of the Little Carpathians
  • the castles Čachtice, Trenčín at the White Carpathians

What to see outside the Silk Road:

There are many opportunities to shop in three recently built shopping malls that can be easily reached from Bratislava’s City Centre – Eurovea, Aupark, and Central. While visiting Slovakia you can try traditional slovak food such as "bryndzové halušky", treska - pickled cod with veges and mayonaise, roast duck with lokše, roast or grilled meat, sausages, sheep cheese or grilled cheese. “Pressburg cuisine” - the spicy Hungarian stews, goulashes, Austrian eateries featuring schnitzel and amazing deserts and many other world cuisines. At night, pick your choice of venue. There are plenty of bars, clubs, casinos etc.

Why our Insiders Chose This Tour:

The Silk Road connected Asia to Europe in merchandise but its greatest value was the exchange of culture. These days we are trying to re-connect China to Europe and thus create a bridge between past and present. The Silk Road covers social topics such as exchange students, travel tourism, spa treatment, transport via railway.


Day 1:   Transfer from the Schwechat airport to the hotel in Bratislava, check-in at the hotel, overnight stay, (dinner – optional for extra fee).

Day 2:   Breakfast, the tour begins at the Devin's Gate, continues across the historic centre of Bratislava along the coronation path of Hungarian kings and ends by taking the Socialist route in the afternoon. Dinner, overnight stay. The lunch break in the Chinese restaurant in Bratislava.

Day 3:   After breakfast we will visit a few charming castles of the Little Carpathians such as Manor House Červený Kameň, Plavecký castle, Pajštún, Manor House Budmerice, Pezinský castle, Csákhy's mansion, cave Driny and in the early evening we will indulge in wine tasting with the traditional goose speciality for dinner at the historic cellar in Pezinok. Lunch on the route during the day.

Day 4:   After breakfast we shall spend time in the White Carpathians' castles like Čachtice, Beckov and Trenčín, we'll have lunch on the route. Transfer to the Schwechat airport for your outbound flights or you may choose to continue via Devin's Gate along the Silk Road further to Czech republic (on request).

Price includes:

  • 2x accomodation with breakfast in the 4* hotel in Bratislava
  • 1x accomodation in 3* hotel near Pezinok
  • 3x lunch
  • 2x dinner – 2 course menu
  • 1x wine tasting with the goose speciality
  • 6 entrances
  • local tourist guide
  • transfer throughout the whole trip


  • optional gratutities

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