The Coronation Path of Leopold II. in Bratislava 2018

Friday, June 22, 2018 - 08:00
Saturday, June 23, 2018 - 19:00
2 km (1.24 miles)
2 days
99€ per person / minimum 2 people required
78€ per person / minimum 6 people required

The Coronation Celebration festival is one of the biggest cultural events in Slovakia where you can experience the historical coronation service of the Hungarian monarchs. During a two day event annually held in the streets of Bratislava at the end of June, you will be taken back in time, admire the beautiful medieval costumes, music, dances, fight performances, traditional arts and crafts market, taste delicious wines or have fun at the evening folk festival. You will see Bratislava Castle, St. Martin's Cathedral, the Franciscan Church, the coronation path, the Primatial Palace and many other noble places. In addition to the basic information about Bratislava, you will also find out: why it became a coronation town, how the coronation ceremony took place, the most important rulers crowned here and many other attractions. 


We will be delighted to welcome you in the streets of Bratislava for the event on 22nd and 23rd of June 2018.

There are a very few places in the world where the coronations have taken place. Bratislava, formerly known as Prešporok, Pressburg or Pozsony, became the coronation city of the Hungarian kings in 1563. The previous site, St Adalbert Cathedral in Esztergom, Hungary, was occupied by Ottoman Turks. Bratislava was considered to be safe with its double fortification walls and a history of succesfully warding off Turk invaders. The future king would be safe during the coronation as would the nobles and the clergy. Bratislava's Gothic St Martin's Cathedral witnessed the coronation of 19 Hungarian kings and queens throughout three centuries. Placed at the top of cathedral is the gold-plated replica of the royal crown that weighs about 150kg ( 23st 8.7lb).

The Archbishop of Esztergom conducted the service and placed the crown jewels and mantle of Saint Stephen on the head of the Sovereign. The king was given a sceptre and a sword which denoted military power. Upon enthronement, the newly crowned king took the traditional coronation oath and promised to respect the people's rights. As a final act the Sovereign ascended the coronation monticule where he waved the sword in four directions and swore to protect his lands against all  the enemies.

Each year the coronation is focused on a different king or queen. This year, 2018, we will celebrate the coronation of Leopold II. He was the Holy Roman Emperor and the King of Hungary and Bohemia who ruled from 1790 to 1792, the Archduke of Austria and Grand Duke of Tuscany from 1765 to 1790. He was the son of the Queen and Holy Roman Empress Maria Theresa and her husband Francis I., thus the brother of Marie Antoinette. Leopold was a moderate proponent of enlightened absolutism.

Since 2003, the coronation is staged according to historical documents, with over 200 actors performing in the period costumes. The coronation show starts off at the Bratislava Castle, from where the procession walks to the city center. As the representatives of church considered the coronation ceremony inappropriate for the St. Martin's Cathedral it is now being carried out at the Jesuit Church. After the coronation service at the Jesuit Church (also known as The Holy Saviour Church) the procession makes its way across the Franciscan square (Františkánske námestie) towards the oldest church in Bratislava the Franciscan church, where the king dubbed the new knights of

Golden Spur. The route is marked by small gilded plaques with crown emblems in the paving cobbles. The procession continues along the coronation route through the Old Town. The allure of the ancient past is recalled by narrow streets such as Kapitulská ulica, from where the remarkable tower of the medieval Clarissine Church can be seen. Passing the streets Prepoštská, Ventúrska and Sedlárska to the Main square (Hlavné námestie), which used to be a venue of the great historical events in the city. Representatives of the town used to greet the Sovereign in front of the Old Town Hall and ordinances of the town were announced from the tower, though capital punishments were being executed here as well. Crossing the White street (Biela ulica), that got its name as it was painted white for the coronation procession to brighten up otherwise dark alley and make it look wider, you may notice a rare Renaissance wall painting on the facade of the house U Čierneho havrana (At the black raven), depicting St. Christopher, St. Florian and diggers in vineyards, you will get to the Michael's gate (Michalská brána).

The Michael's gate had been an integral part of the city walls since the 14th century. It is the only preserved medieval gate with its tower 51 metres high (167ft) and a copper statue of St. Michael that was placed on its tip upon its baroque reconstruction. Close to the gate is the narrowest house (No. 15) of the city with its width of only 1,3 metre (4ft 3in). The kings used to ride horseback this way beyond the gates of the town. That is why the little gilded crowns cannot be find on the cobbles in front of the Michael's gate any more.


  • enjoy the great historical atmosphere of the medieval Bratislava
  • take a guided walking tour of „the Old Town and Bratislava castle“ including St Martin's Cathedral,  Kapitulska street, Hlavne namestie (Main square), the Old Town Hall, the Clarissine Church, Grassalkovich Palace, Michael’s Gate...
  • Most of the main highlights of Bratislava are clustered around the Old Town quarter, close to the Danube river

What You Can Expect:
The unforgetable event during which Bratislava comes alive in a captivating historical atmosphere of the coronation of kings, queens, with nobility, troubadours and thousands of visitors. Most of the attractions withing the centre or just beyond can be reached entirely on foot. You can cover about 8 kms (4.97 miles) a day just wandering around. If you are not fond of walking or you are pushed for time, there are numerous buses and trams to use.

What to see outside the Old Town while visiting Bratislava:
Slavin Memorial, Cintorin (Cemetery) Kozia Brana, Bratislava Castle, Grassalkovich Palace, Trhovisko Miletičova (Central Market) 


Day 1:   Friday 22nd June 2018 – individual arrival at the hotel in Bratislava, accommodation in 4*hotel approximately 800m from the city centre, individual program

Day 2:   Saturday 23rd June 2018 – breakfast, at 9am meeting with a tourist guide at the hotel  reception and check out, followed by 4 hours long guided tour (circle tour by car, walking tour of the Old Town, the Bratislava Castle), at about 1pm moving towards the Jesuit Church (Kostol Najsvätejšieho Spasiteľa) for the coronation service with seating that will last 2 to 3 hours. After the coronation an individual program.

1x accommodation in 4* middle class hotel - double rooms, city tax
2x breakfast buffet 
1x 4 hours long tour in Bratislava with a professional tourist guide
-  participation at the coronation with the seating


  • food and beverages
  • entrance fees
  • tips
  • transfer from the airport to the hotel and back to the airport
  • tourist guide through whole stay
  • transport to Bratislava (individually by train, plane, bus)

Foto: Ľubomír Ján Hanus
Organizátor: Občianske združenie Korunovačná Bratislava

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